GS1 Forest Reserve

Our carbon capture calculation methodology projects the amount of CO2 that trees will capture in a given location, based on planting density, species management regime, and local data such as soil type and altitude, with their Estimates adjusted on the basis of local forestry knowledge and supported by the work of the technical team in the field.

GS1 Reserve, Misiones

25,000 hectares

This project meets the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects are subject to formal certification processes by international entities with globally recognized standards, where carbon captures are verified and validated by independent bodies.

The point of NO RETURN

Current average deforestation reaches 13.7 million hectares per year.
Humanity, so far, has deforested 1/3 of the forest surface on the face of the Earth. (IPCC) of the UN issued a harsh warning in this regard. At the current rate, the planet would warm 1.5° C in the next few years, leading to what is called a "tipping point" or "point of no return" from which the planet could not recompose itself.

GS1 Reserve Security

Coordination with competent government and institutional authorities Gendarmerie:
Meeting with authorities, coordination of operations and training in the field.
Forest Rangers: meeting with the Jungle Operations Group, prevention operations, stopping damage to natural areas.
Intendancy, Central Volunteer Fire Department, undersecretary of civil protection, and Air ForceInstallation of dissuasive signage posters in the GS1 reserve property

Comprehensive Community Approach

  • · Unoccupied lands
  • · Certification process for carbon credits with the additionality of climate, community and biodiversity
  • · Community communication strategies for sustainable exploitation

Characteristics: Biosphere = Natural Capital


  • · Underground: 133,040 kg/ha
  • · Surface: 554,312 kg/ha
  • · In dead wood: 60,361 kg/ha

Species present

  • · Animal Kingdom: 340 species
  • · Fungi Kingdom: 76 species
  • · Plantae Kingdom: 526 species

First Reserve: GS1 = 245,000,000 m2

Misiones, Argentina

Objectives Accomplished

· Taking possession of the field.
· Dec 20201 year of avoided deforestation.
· 6 months of Ecosecurities pre-feasibility.
· 6 months CPLI approved by native peoples.
· Forest Inventory.
· Biodiversity Inventory.

Species present

· Preliminary infrastructure project.
· In process of obtaining VERRA certification for VCS - CCB standards and REDD+ methodology.
· Execution of projects with community participation, process management within the framework of SDGs 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 17.

Impact Proposal

Regenerate and protect 300 million hectares of biosphere IN DANGER, through a platform that combines GIS and AI technologies and the issuance of Carbon Credits.